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The Olive Grove in this year's [fjuzn] festival magazine
diana takacsova
Nov 4, 2020
Location: Lesvos, Greece
The Olive Grove, my work about the area formerly adjacent to the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos is part of this year’s edition of the [fjúžn] festival magazine. Following the tragic fire in September, the situation on the island is deterioriating even further.

The magazine is available online (in Slovak):

Magazín 15. roāníka festivalu [fjúžn]| 18. – 26. september 2020 | Bratislava Festival [fjúžn] organizuje Nadácia Milana Šimeāku už od roku 2006 a postupne sa stal jedineāným a najväāším multižánrovým a multikultúrnym podujatím zameraným na...

Diana Takacsova

Diana Takacsova is a photographer and visual storyteller based between Ostend, Belgium and Bratislava, Slovakia, working globally.
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